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Father’s Day Food Gift Ideas

Dads can be some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. Oftentimes they don’t need anything, and even if they want anything, they probably don’t even think to ask. And with Father’s Day right around the corner (psst, it’s on Sunday, June 21st), you’re probably finding yourself in the same position as you were last year: having no clue what to get him.

But don’t fret! We’ve come up with some gift ideas that are perfect for all sorts of dads. We’ve got ideas for the wannabe-chef dad, the wine connoisseur dad, the “I-drink-coffee-at-3pm” dad, the outdoorsy dad, and the dad that just wants to spend time with his kids on Father’s Day.

Read on to discover some of our favorite father’s day food gifts for the dad who says he doesn’t want anything, but definitely deserves something.

A Thoughtful Card

father's day cards

If you want to keep it simple but still want to show dad you care, swing by our grocery department and check out our selection of father’s day cards we have available from Mercantile.

Add a Co-op gift card to the mix and he can choose what yummy food gift he wants to treat himself to.

Desserts from Crust & Crumb

While C2 might be closed at the moment, we still have a variety of to-go desserts from Crust & Crumb available throughout the Co-op.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, we highly recommend picking up some local farm-fresh strawberries from Hedlin Farms, whipping up some homemade cream, and pairing it all together with Crust &sk Crumbs shortcake. It’s the perfect summer treat.

Coffee from Cuppa


If the dad in your life is the type that’s constantly walking around with the same coffee travel mug he’s had for the last decade, it’s probably safe to say that the man would really appreciate a bag of fresh coffee.

Swing by the bulk department and pick up a bag of Cuppa coffee and maybe some Crust & Crumb cookies for dipping.

His Favorite Local Beer or Wine


If you’ve ever browsed through our beer and wine department, you know just how many local beers we’re proud to carry.

Whether your dad is an IPA enthusiast or a wanna-be wine Somalia, you’re bound to find one of his favorite local breweries or wineries lining the shelves. Or, pick something out yourself and maybe it will become a new favorite of his!

Treat Him To A Scoop of Ice Cream

If you can, get the siblings together and meander down to our deli for a Father’s Day scoop of the Co-op’s own ice cream.

Stroll down Skagit’s river walk and enjoy each other’s company. That’s all he probably wants, after all!

Cook Him Something Delicious


When it comes to celebrating the dads in your life, sometimes just enjoying the day together is all he wants.

If he isn’t insistent about firing the BBQ up himself, consider putting on the chef hat and taking over the kitchen! Here are some of our favorite Father’s Day recipes:

And If He Insists On Being The Grill Master…

And if your dad’s favorite thing to do on Father’s Day is to take charge of the cooking, let him do his thing! But that’s not to say you can’t pick up a few groceries to toss on the grill.

Swing by our meat department and pick up all the BBQ essentials you’ll need like the Co-op’s own CURED handmade sausages and all sorts of charcuterie board goodies. Just because he wants to cook doesn’t mean you can’t help. 😁

Finish The Weekend With Family Time

If the weather decides to cooperate, finish off Father’s Day weekend with some family time around the fire pit.

Wrangle up all the siblings or kids, stock up on ‘smores ingredients, and spend the night catching and sharing old memories. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a new tradition.

By: Leigha

LeighaLeigha is the Marketing Assistant at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.