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10 Unique Ice Cream Floats to Sip All Summer

Ice cream floats are a fun way to enjoy the summer! Choose from an assortment of ice cream flavors or fruity sorbet, add sparkling beverages, iced teas, kombucha or soda, and savor a frothy, refreshing twist on the classic root beer float.  As long as you have ice cream or sorbet and a sparkling beverage on hand, floats are super easy to toss together for a refreshing summer dessert.

You can make floats non-alcoholic or boozy, making them a good after-dinner dessert or sweet nightcap. So, however you want to enjoy this sweet and fizzy treat, here are some of our favorite unique ice cream floats to sip on all summer long.

Peach and Fizzy Grapefruit Float

peach and fizzy grapefruit float

Photo via Bon Appetit

Sweet peach ice cream and fizzy, tart, grapefruit soda balance each other out well in this float from Bon Appetit.

Make it alcohol-free or add in a dash of Campari to make it an after-dinner dessert cocktail.

Fresh slices of in-season peaches would take this float to awholenother level of goodness.

Find the full recipe at Bon Appetit

Rio-Style Ginger Beer Floats

rio ginger beer float

Photo via Food & Wine

You’re probably most familiar with using ginger beer in Moscow mules.

But here, zingy ginger beer is paired with sweet mango sorbet and OJ for a tropical twist on a traditional root beer float.

If you’ve got a craving for pineapple, you can adjust this recipe to feature pineapple juice and fresh pineapple chunks instead.

Find the full recipe at Food & Wine

Orange Creamsicle Float

orange creamsicle floats

Photo via Martha Stewart Living

Here’s a fairly traditional take on root beer floats that’s citrusy, sweet, creamy, and all things summer.

Creamsicles are traditionally made of orange and vanilla flavors, but feel free to sub in whatever your favorite fruity flavor is!

Pineapple, strawberry, or peach would all be delicious substitutes, especially when they’re in season!

Find the full recipe at Martha Stewart Living

Vanilla Float with Bitters and Cherries

vanilla float with bitters and cherries

Photo via Bon Appetit

Now here’s a grown-up float featuring fancy ingredients like bitters, cherry brandy, and candied cherries.

Serve this at your next cocktail party or enjoy it as a classy addition to a backyard BBQ.

Find the full recipe at Bon Appetit

Firecracker Berry Margarita Floats

firecracker berry margarita floats

Photo via Half Baked Harvest

Looking for the perfect float for the 4th of July or Labor Day? Check out these adorable firecracker floats from Half Baked Harvest!

This float is made up of two different layers of homemade margarita mix that is poured over the top of vanilla ice cream.

But what makes this float even more special is the fruit kebabs that garnish the drink! Not only is it a nice decorative touch, but it’s super easy to throw together.

Find the full recipe at Half Baked Harvest

Green Tea and Ginger Beer Float

green tea and ginger float

Photo via Bon Appetit

If you can get your hands on some green tea ice cream, try out this sophisticated, boozy float from Bon Appetit.

Sweet and refreshing green tea ice cream is topped off with zingy ginger beer and 1/2 a shot of whiskey to create a dessert that’s maybe not for everyone, but definitely for the green tea and whiskey aficionados.

Top it all off with a sprig of mint to make it a special, presentable after-dinner treat to enjoy with friends.

Find the full recipe at Bon Appetit

Pomegranate Float

pomegranate float

Photo via EatingWell

Utilizing fresh berries, seltzer, and frozen yogurt, this pomegranate float is a healthier twist on what’s usually a super sweet and decadent summer dessert.

If you don’t have fresh fruit, you can always sub in frozen fruit, or add in some sweet and juicy summer strawberries.

If you want to make it boozy, swap out plain seltzer for hard seltzer from San Juan Seltzer or Seek Out Seltzer!

Find the full recipe at EatingWell

Hibiscus Cherry and Ginger Beer Ice Cream Floats

hibiscus cherry and ginger beer ice cream floats

Photo via Half Baked Harvest

Here’s another float that swaps out root beer for ginger beer, and is accompanied by a homemade hibiscus cherry soda for a sweet, floral touch.

The homemade soda utilizes coconut sugar for a subtle tropical element and vanilla bean for an aromatic finish.

The recipe calls for coconut milk ice cream, but your standard vanilla ice cream will do the trick, too!

Find the full recipe at Half Baked Harvest

Champagne Float

champagne floats

Photo via EatingWell

Pop the bubbly and enjoy a sweet and fizzy champagne float that you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy.

Any of your favorite champagne and sorbet will work well in this recipe, but we suggest grabbing a pint of our housemade strawberry sorbet and pairing it with a dry champagne from our wine department.

You could also add a splash of OJ to make it a mimosa-style float that’s even more delicious!

Find the full recipe at EatingWell

Beer Ice Cream Float

beer float

Photo via Food52

This might be the ultimate adult twist on a childhood classic!

Beer and ice cream may seem like a bizarre combination, but for a beer aficionado, it might not be a new thing!

The key is to choose the right kind of beer. You’ll want to go with a porter or stout that features espresso or chocolate undertones that pair well with ice cream.

Find the full recipe at Food52


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