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June & July 2018 New & Notable

Celebrating Dad, a Grad, or just summer in general? Enliven your next BBQ or picnic with these new items now available in the Co-op!

Summer Sippers & Tonic Cocktail Syrup

It has been well-documented that people in the Pacific NW love their bitter beverages and according to the latest trend data, IPAs and G&Ts are the drinks of choice in our part of world. Is it being surrounded by so much Douglas fir and fragrant cedar that makes us crave drinks that taste like tree pitch? &Tonic is going against the bitter trend by making a cocktail mixer that is softer on the palate than traditional tonics. Handcrafted with the bark of the Peruvian Cinchona Tree (the source of Quinine that gives tonic water its medicinal bitterness) and infused with lemon, lime, and orange zest, this concentrated syrup is designed for mixing. Add an ounce to sparkling water or blend a more generous amount of syrup with spirits and a dash of bubbles for a unique (fill in the blank!) &Tonic. Made in Seattle from all-natural ingredients. Located in the beverage aisle above the sparkling waters.

Cascade Shrub Farm Cocktail and Soda Mix

Made in Bellingham using organic apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, honey, and locally grown fruits and herbs. Fruity, sweet and zingy! Mix these shrubs with sparkling water for a refreshing alcohol-free sipper or create your own signature cocktail by blending with your favorite spirits, a shot of bubbles, and topped with a fruity garnish. Apple cider vinegar is well-known as a healthful tonic and support for digestion, so these shrubs make a perfect before-dinner aperitif. We are ordering a limited number of these tasty shrubs. Look for them on the seasonal display near the wine aisle.

Soda Stream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

A low-waste, sustainable, affordable and healthy way to enjoy a fizzy drink! Soda Stream turns plain ol’ water into a refreshing bubbly beverage using a refillable CO2 canister that you can exchange in our Merc dept when it runs out. Each CO2 canister makes about nine liters of fizzy water. You can make your fizzy water sweet with the addition of fruit, flavor drops, or soda syrup. BPA-free and requires no electricity, so it’s cool for camping trips, too. Available in our 2nd floor mercantile.


Georgetown Pantry Supply Truffle Oil. The flavor of truffle oil is hard to describe to someone who’s never experienced it. It’s earthy, mushroomy, spicy like garlic, pungent and potent. Truffle oil turns mundane dishes, like mashed potatoes or macaroni & cheese, into something full of delicious aroma and flavor. Blend it into butter for serving with fresh, hot bread, or to finish a grilled steak. Toss it with coarse salt to top off french fries, grilled bread, pizzas, or just about anything that needs a lift of savory flavor. Truffle infused oil can be very, very expensive and truffle “flavored” oil just lacks depth. We’ve been looking for a truffle oil that is a balance of quality, flavor, and affordability. Seattle-based Georgetown Pantry Supply is blending extra virgin olive oil with real truffles and truffle essence, then packaging it in 2 oz dropper bottles. This combination results in a flavorful and affordable item for everyday use. A 2 oz bottle sells for just $9.99. Choose from White or Black. Look for it at C Square and at the Co-op in aisle 6.

Jule’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce. This sauce features the distinct heat of Scotch Bonnet pepper blended with allspice, garlic, ginger and the rich sweetness of brown sugar. My new favorite weekday dinner, I skip the time consuming “jerk” style of cooking and instead use it as a quick marinade and finishing glaze for grilled chicken thighs. On a heat scale ranging from “not-hot-at-all” to “burn-your-face-off-hot”, I give this sauce a rating of “I-feel-the-heat-but-it-doesn’t-hurt-hot”.  I recommend serving with a side of cold, sweet watermelon and, of course, an icy beer! Choose from Traditional Jamaican Jerk or Mango Jerk. In the BBQ Sauce section.

Ricante Hot Sauce. Sweet & heat balance the flavors of this Costa Rican condiment. Organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Verified. I’ve been enjoying this milder-style fruit-based hot sauce on all kinds of meals. It adds character to everything from tacos to scrambled eggs to grilled fish. Spicy, but without covering up the flavor of your food.  Choose from Pine Dulce or Mango Caliente. Organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO Verified. Look for the bright colored skull label in the BBQ Sauce section.

Plant-Powered Taco Tuesday

Loma Linda Blue. There is a movement by carnivores and omnivores alike to reduce meat intake and add more plant-derived protein to their diet. For some it’s driven by a desire for better health, for others it’s part of the effort to reduce their carbon footprint. And others may just be looking for variety. Leaving the days of flavor-your-own-rubbery-tofu behind, Loma Linda has created vegan versions of our favorite comfort foods that actually taste good! Make your Taco Tuesday a little healthier with plant-based Taco Filling, Chorizo, or 5-Bean Chili. All are pre-cooked and seasoned, ready to heat and serve. Made with Non-GMO Textured Soy Protein, vegetables and spices. Look for the blue cans shouting “Loma” in aisle 6.

Butler’s Soy Curls. First, a warning; Soy Curls come in a really ugly bag and are themselves pretty weird looking little dried up brown things. You might find it hard to believe they turn into something tasty, but they do! Here’s how they work…soak in hot water for 10 minutes. Using your hands, squeeze out the water, then cover the re-hydrated soy curls in your choice of sauce or seasonings. After a few minutes, they will have absorbed the flavor and are ready to bake, sauté or fry. In our house we’ve used them for tacos, Thai food, and stir-fry. A very affordable source of protein, an 8 oz bag costs only $4.99 and makes 1 ½ pounds. Made in Oregon using non-GMO soy. You’ll find them in Aisle 6 on the top shelf.

The Real Coconut Tortilla Wraps & Chips. We’ve had lots of requests for a paleo-friendly tortilla wrap and snack chip but were having a tough time finding an option that was both tasty and reasonably priced. Gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free, these tortillas and chips are made with organic coconut flour and cassava starch. Heat the tortillas for just a minute in a skillet and they become a soft and flexible wrap for all kinds of fillings. The chips are salty and crunchy (similar to a pita chip) and sturdy enough for dipping. Compared to other coconut flour wraps, these guys are a great price at $3.99 for 12 wraps or a 5 oz bag of chips. Tortillas are located in the refrigerated section. Chips are . . . you guessed it . . . in the chip aisle!

By: Jenny

JennyJenny is the Co-op's Category Manager, helping guide our selection of products to meet the evolving needs of our membership and community of food lovers. Jenny and her family maintain a small farm and love to spend time riding bikes, hiking, and of course, preparing and savoring delicious meals!