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Kermit Lynch Cuvées for the Wine Drinker

A seasoned wine drinker could tell you that Kermit Lynch has been inspiring thirst the last forty years. What began as thirty-five cases of wine stacked on the floor in his Berkeley storefront, has expanded into a world-renowned Wine Merchant operation. An expert curator of small artisan wines and champion of unfined, unfiltered wines, Lynch’s name is synonymous with authentic Italian and French wines, two of which are featured in the Co-op’s wine aisle: Kermit Lynch Langeudoc Red Blend and the Cypress Cotes Du Rhone.   

2014 Kermit Lynch Blends – Languedoc
Producer: Jean-Claude Zabalia 
Varietal: 60% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 5% Cinsault, 5% Carignan
Region: Langeudoc-Roussillon, France
Price: $11.99

Every year, Kermit spends countless hours collaborating with the vignerons in every major wine growing region in France, including Jean-Claude Zabalia, whose organic and Biodynamic appellations are the ideal home for vines. Tucked away at over 1000 feet above sea level, the grapes bask in the summer sun, and cool quickly overnight, giving the fruit an unexpected freshness. This rich, meaty blend showcases the region’s grapes with dark ripe fruit flavors that will turn your smile purple. Notes of garrigue and herbs balance the wine’s earthiness and juicy mouthfeel.

2014 Kermit Lynch Côtes Du Rhône Cypress Cuvee
Producer: Jean-Francois Pasturel
Varietal: 19% Syrah, 62% Grenache, 6% Carignan, 9% Cinsault, 4% Mourvèdre
Region: Côtes du Rhône
Price: $13.99

Kermit Lynch is an aficionado of the Southern Rhone, and this hearty Southern Rhone blend is his tribute to his fellow wine aficionados.  Violet-hued and dark in the glass, the Cypress Cuvée is Syrah-drvien, meaty, and intense. Notes of sea salt mix with dark fruits like black cherry, mulberry, blackberry, and savory rosemary and white pepper, a dead giveaway to the wine’s origin. The mouthfeel has great depth and very smooth, dry tannins. Pair with poultry or root vegetables.

By: CV, The Wine Guy

CV, The Wine GuyCV is our resident wine guy and our newest cheese specialist. And he’s here to give you generous, succinct, friendly advice on wines (and cheese). CV is quick to say that he’s not a wine “expert” — he’s not the person to go to for fancy terminology — but he does know wine, and approaches it with robust energy and a desire to match wine with people, food, and experiences.