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Local Spotlight: Moon Valley Organics

If you’ve ever spent time browsing the Wellness Department, you know just how many different goodies we offer. We strive to partner with local vendors to bring you the cleanest products that are made right here in the community. One of those local companies is Moon Valley Organics.

Located in Deming, Washington, Moon Valley Organics is a skincare company that crafts clean skin and body care products and work to protect pollinators in the process.

All of their herbal skincare products are made out of 100% USDA-certified organic herbs they grow and process on their farm in Deming. Any herbs they aren’t able to grow are sourced from local organic farms and suppliers who support Fair Trade.

Pure Organic Skincare That Protects Pollinators

Founders Kim and Aaron Otto started Moon Valley Organics with the goal to “support organic farms and the people who farm on them by providing a source for high quality, organic personal care products that promote a healthy way of caring for our bodies and the world.”

They like to keep the ingredients simple, clean, and good for both your skin and the environment. On their 10-acre farm that’s nestled under the Cascade Mountains, they devote 4 of those acres to being a pollinator sanctuary.

They also donate 10% of their profits to protect pollinators through direct action and contributions to non-profits. A few of the recipients include The Pesticide Action Network and The People & Pollinators Action Network.


Beyond Moon Valley’s commitment to protecting pollinators, they also make incredible, effective health and beauty products from herbal body wash and lotion to lip balms and bar soap.

Two of our favorite Moon Valley products are their herbal shampoo bars (plastic-free, woo!) and foaming hand soap.

Moon Valley Organics Shampoo Bar

If you aren’t familiar with shampoo bars, they’re an eco-friendly and often times plastic-free alternative to traditional liquid shampoo. They can also save you money in the long run, because you aren’t overusing or wasting as much product as you would with liquid shampoo.

Unlike traditional shampoo, Moon Valley’s shampoo bars are free of parabens, silicone, and a heap of other questionable ingredients.

Instead, they’re made with beneficial herbs and essential oils.  They’re packaged in recyclable paper and a portion of the sales are donated to support pollinators.

Their herbal shampoo bars are available in a variety of scents including pink geranium, sweet carrot, peppermint, Siberian fir, and lemongrass. Each serves their own purpose based on your hair type and needs.

Herbal Shampoo Bar Lemongrass

Something to note, however, is that when you switch from liquid to solid shampoo, there will be a bit of a transitional period.

This period can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but know that if your hair feels more oily, waxy, or dry than usual, that’s normal and part of the process.

To learn more about what a shampoo bar is and what to expect, check out this guide that Moon Valley put together.

Moon Valley Foaming Hand Soap

You know the drill: to be a germ buster you wash your hands and you wash them often. Washing your hands always seems a little easier and more enjoyable when the soap smells natural and delicious.

In addition to their line of liquid hand soap, Moon Valley offers a foaming hand soap that’s easy to use and cleanses your hands without making them feel dry and overworked.

foam soap in hands

Available in unscented, mint lavender, lemon rosemary, orange spice, and grapefruit thyme, these foaming hand soaps are velvety and soft and leave your hands feeling that way, too.

The soap is biodegradable and the bottle it comes in is recyclable, too. Moon Valley offers bulk foam soap refill packs that cut plastic waste even more.


By: Leigha

LeighaLeigha is the Marketing Assistant at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.