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7 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Mini Sweet Peppers

With their miniature size and unbelievably sweet flavor of course mini peppers are perfect for snacking! They’re crunchy and sweet, full of Vitamin A & C, and keep well in a lunch bag or backpack. But what about saving the few you don’t eat right away and tossing them into a homecooked meal?

You can use mini sweet peppers the same way you would bell peppers, but their extra sweet flavor makes them an arguably better addition to recipes than their larger counterparts! Read on to check out some of our favorite ways to use mini sweet peppers in your kitchen. And of course, don’t forget to reserve a few for snacking, too!

Mexican Shredded Beef Soup with Stuffed Mini Peppers

beef stew and stuffed peppers

Warm and cozy beef stew meets crunchy, flavorful stuffed peppers in this delicious and healthy Mexican soup recipe!

Beef chuck is quickly seared before being slow-cooked on the stove with onions and a variety of Mexican spices. Black beans, sweet peppers, and corn are added later on to boost the overall heartiness of the soup.

Serve your beef stew topped with some simple panko-stuffed mini peppers for an extra punch of sweet pepper flavor.

Find the full recipe at EatingWell

Quinoa Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Peppers

colorful quinoa salad

Looking for a sweet and simple way to enjoy your mini peppers? Consider this healthy and colorful quinoa salad!

Cubbed sweet potato and chopped pepper are combined with quinoa, scallions, lemon juice, olive oil, and pepper to create this quick and easy side dish.

Serve your quinoa salad with roasted chicken or make a big batch as a side dish for a potluck.

Find the full recipe at Welcome to the Table

Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

cheesy bacon stuffed mini peppers

One of the easiest ways to turn peppers into a full meal is by stuffing them!

In this mini-version of stuffed bell peppers, a simple combination of cream cheese, green onions, bacon, garlic powder, cheddar, and Worcestershire sauce are mixed and added to hollowed-out mini peppers before being baked to perfection.

Serve these as a low-carb appetizer or with a big salad for dinner.

Find the full recipe at Belle of the Kitchen

Roasted Mini Sweet Peppers

roasted mini peppers

Given that sweet mini peppers are flavorful all on their own, sometimes the best way to enjoy them is as simply as possible.

In this sweet and simple recipe, mini sweet peppers are drizzled with olive oil and topped with a variety of spices and parmesan before being oven-roasted for 20-30 minutes.

Serve these as a snack, chop them up and add them to a simple pasta, or serve them alongside any of your favorite proteins.

Find the full recipe at Healthy Recipes Blog

Quick Pickled Peppers

pickled peppers

If you miraculously find yourself with a bunch of sweet peppers on hand and have no idea how to use them all, consider slicing and pickling them!

Though this recipe calls for sliced jalapeno peppers, you could certainly sub in sliced sweet peppers to create a sweet and spicy style pickle perfect for salad, salsa, pasta, and more.

If you wanted to give your peppers more of a kick, you could definitely incorporate some red chili flakes into the mix.

Find the full recipe at Cookie + Kate

One Pan Baked Cheesy Basil Pasta

one pan baked cheesy basil pasta

While this recipe calls for bell peppers, we think that mini sweet peppers would be an excellent substitute that’s more colorful, too!

In this one-pan recipe, everything, including the pasta, is tossed into a deep baking dish and cooked for around an hour.

Though you’ll have to wait awhile for it to bake, the prep is super easy and the clean-up is even easier. Sounds like a pretty perfect busy weeknight dinner to us!

Find the full recipe at Half Baked Harvest

Stuffed Peppers with Avocado Crema

stuffed poblano

Again, this recipe doesn’t outright call for mini sweet peppers, but we think they could definitely be subbed in for the poblano to make an even more flavorful dish!

In this vegan-friendly stuffed pepper recipe, sweet potato, corn, onions, black beans, and a variety of Spanish spices are combined to create a flavorful filling for hollowed-out peppers.

After baking, they’re served on top of an avocado-cilantro sauce and topped off with your favorite type of crumbly cheese, whether it be feta, cotija, or something plant-based.

Find the full recipe at Feasting at Home

By: Leigha

LeighaLeigha is the Marketing Assistant at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.