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New in the Co-op! Freshly Baked Whidbey Pies

Whoever came up with the saying “easy as pie” clearly never made a pie crust from scratch, let alone put it all together with cute pastry decorations and a sweet and tender fruit filling. The saying should really be “easy as eating pie” since a well-made pie is hard to resist.

pie filling

Whipping up the perfect pie from scratch isn’t for the faint of heart, but doesn’t pie always taste better when it’s made with love and the highest quality ingredients? We think so — and that’s why we’re proud to announce we’re now offering fresh Whidbey Pies in our Deli’s grab-n-go case! They’re ready-to-eat and oh-so scrumptious.

whidbey pies owners

Handmade on Whidbey Island, Whidbey Pies has been handcrafting artisan pies since 1986. They believe that “a quality pie connects us to childhood memories, to the bounty of the garden and orchard, and to the nurturing pleasures of good food made with love and care.” And we couldn’t agree more.  After all, what’s a better way to celebrate the bounty of fall apples or s summer full of ripe blackberries than a classic pie?

apple pie

Founder Jan Gunn started Whidbey Fish in the ’80s, where they specialized in Dungeness crab, fresh fish, chowder, and you guessed it, pie. What started off as a kind gesture of warm, bubbly, sweet pie to visitors and guests eventually transformed into a full-fledged pie-making operation. In 2016, Jan sold Whidbey Pies to her son, Joe, who has been leading the business with partner Jessie ever since.

Every Whidbey Pie is truly a unique work of art — from weighing and portioning out the dough to filling the pie shells to placing and crimping the top.

whidbey pies cooling

Each pie maker has their own unique crimping style, so if you notice that two of the same flavor of pies look slightly different, that’s why! Whidbey Pies’ humble crew turns out nearly 2,500 pies a week, which adds up to 130,000 handmade, fragrantly sweet pies every year.

Here at the Co-op, we carry their fresh granny apple, marionberry, and triple berry pies. Be sure to check our freezer case where you’ll find other seasonal favorites like salted caramel apple or strawberry rhubarb depending on the time of year!

So, next time you’re celebrating a birthday, an important anniversary, or just the fact that you made it through an exceptionally Mondayish Monday, snag a handmade Whidbey Pie for an extra special treat!


By: Leigha

LeighaLeigha is the Marketing Assistant at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.