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Organic Produce Report: Apr 19 – Apr 25

Fresh Deals:

Organic Fuji Apples – 79¢/lb reg. $1.49/lb

Organic Lemons – 99¢/lb reg. $1.49/lb

Produce Feature:

Living Rain Farm
Organic Rhubarb

In season now for spring! Although technically a vegetable, most people use the pretty pink stalks of rhubarb as a fruit. Try using it as a filling for pies, crisps, cobblers, and tarts or baking it into a coffee cake.

Weekly Organic Produce Specials

  • Granny Smith, Gala, & Cameo apples $1.49/lb
  • ginger $4.99/lb
  • assorted Mandarins & Tangelos $2.99/lb
  • green bell peppers $2.49/lb
  • Cara Cara navel oranges $1.99/lb
  • Jalapenos $3.99/lb
  • Navel oranges $1.49/lb
  • red and yellow bell peppers $3.49/lb
  • bunched brocolette $2.99 each
  • ripe pineapples $3.99 each
  • conventional Jackfruit $1.49/lb

Local Produce – a current rundown of local produce

  • Cascadia Mushrooms: Shiitake kits, oyster mushroom kits, lion’s mane kits, dried reishi, shiitakes.
  • Cedardale: gallon, half-gallon, and pint cider (not organic).
  • Waxwing Farm: Rainbow chard
  • Sherman’s Pioneer Farm: Cut sweetmeat squash.
  • Dahlia Depot: Pea shoots, spicy mix microgreens, mild mix microgreens (not certified organic).
  • Well Fed: Bunched spinach, radishes, purple sprouting broccoli.
  • Happy Valley Sprouts: Clover sprouts.
  • Long Hearing Farm: Spicy greens mix, baby arugula, baby spinach, radishes, mustard greens.
  • Tops and Bottoms: Dragon mix microgreens, broccoli microgreens, red cabbage microgreens, kale mix microgreens.
  • Organic Antics: Dried mushroom blend (not certified organic – wild harvest)
  • Ralph’s: Collard green raab, leeks, Savoy cabbage.
  • Sauk Farm: Honeycrisp apple cider, grape cider.
  • Living Rain Farm: Rhubarb
By: Co-op Staff

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