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Shop 4% Friday on July 24th to Support Skagit Animals in Need

On the 4th Friday of every month, you shop and, together, we give! Skagit Valley Food Co-op’s 4% Friday Community Shopping Day recipients receive 4% of the day’s sales at the Co-op, so the more you put in your cart, the more you give back! On Friday, July 24th, 4% of sales will be donated to Skagit Animals in Need.

Skagit Animals in Need (SAIN) is an all-volunteer non-profit working with animal control and law enforcement to prevent and resolve animal cruelty in Skagit County. It provides emergency resources (to include but not limited to financial resources) to persons needing assistance in caring for their animals at the request of animal control.

How will your shopping trip help Skagit Animals in Need?

SAIN maintains a network of knowledgeable foster families ready to provide a safe environment when requested by county officers. SAIN is excited for a new opportunity to work with the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office to assist domestic violence situations by being at-the-ready to take and foster large animals (and small if needed) of families in crisis and/or to assist families in need to feed and care for animals who are struggling financially to do so.

SAIN will use 4% Friday donations to expand the current program that benefits both Skagit animals and people in need. SAIN began to hear more about the link that exists between human violence and animal abuse. In many cases of domestic violence, abusers often seek to manipulate or intimidate their victims by harming or threatening the family animals. SAIN has been told by local Animal Control Officers that cases of domestic violence often perpetuate because the victim has no options for moving herself and children WITH their beloved animals because shelters or other family cannot house them. This is especially true if they have horses and large animals.

We have agreed to start a Domestic Abuse Case Assistance program to provide fostering or funding for commercial animal boarding, feed, and vet care at the request of SSO officers in domestic cases where in their judgement such intervention for the animals (including dogs, cats, horses, etc) will make a positive difference for all involved in the family and expedite a safe resolution. Hopefully, some victims who will not leave a bad situation because the animals are left will be willing to make a break if the SAIN team responds to take the animals, even horses, goats, and large dogs, to a safe place. The hope is that in this way SAIN can make a difference for the animals involved and possibly enable families to have a new start.

By: Co-op Staff

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