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Give the Very Best Gifts from Skagit’s Best Gift Shop!

If you can’t visit the Co-op without popping upstairs to our 2nd floor gift shop, you know that it’s one of the best places to snag kitchen tools, sustainable clothing, beeswax candles, and fun little things for the kids, too. If it’s news to you that we even have a 2nd floor, get ready to be amazed! We were voted Skagit’s Best Gift Shop this year, and you’ll find local gifts, goods, and way, way more in our 2nd Floor Mercantile. Either way, we invite you shop local at the Co-op this holiday season because what you buy and who you buy it from matters.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite gifts to give this year, and whether you’re shipping them across the country or unwrapping them in the comfort of your home, these gifts will mean a whole lot more coming from a local store.

Gifts from One World Brands

The Co-op’s One World program highlights companies and products that are either Fair Trade Certified and/or committed to giving back to people and our planet through a variety of initiatives and efforts, so you can feel even better about gift-giving.

Our Mercantile Department offers products from over 100 One World companies, from kitchenware and reusable water bottles to beeswax candles and jewelry.

Here are our favorite One World gifts for the people on your list this holiday season:


Journals & Notebooks

We all know that one person who’s constantly jotting down thoughts on sticky notes, and then inevitably losing track of them. How about gifting them a high-quality notebook that they can write for miles in?

Available in hard and softback covers, Paperblanks are available in rainbow of colors and patterns and feature beautiful cover artwork from artists all over the world.

Choose from blank, lined, or dotted paper to make it the perfect gift for the writer, artist, or everyday journaler in your life.

BlueQblue q socks

Socks, Aprons, & More

Got a sassy friend or 2 on your list? BlueQ is the way to go! With charming artwork and need we say, cheeky, sayings, you’re bound to find a gift that will make you say “Wow, this totally reminds me of so-and-so”. And aren’t those always the best gifts?

Whether you go with cute and colorful socks, bright and bold aprons, or fun and functional coin pouches, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, secret Santa, or a thoughtful gift, BlueQ is the answer.

Boodyboody wear

Bamboo-based bodywear

Who in your life appreciates a gift that is thoughtful, yet practical, consider going with something from Boodywear!

Offering a selection of undies, bras, tees, and tanks, all of Boodywear’s products are made out of sustainably grown organic bamboo.

Bamboo fabric is super soft and feels luxurious on the skin, and is sustainable, too.

Gifts from Woman-Owned Brands

Want to support women-owned businesses this year? We’ve got a few rad gifts in mind made by brave, powerful, creative women, many of whom are local and all-out awesome!

Hydrascape Stickershydrascape stickers

Vinyl Wrap Stickers

Designed and printed in Bellingham, these extra-long, wrap-around stickers are the perfect upgrade your water bottle, car, electronics, cooler, and more!

Each sticker is made of highly durable vinyl that’s waterproof, dishwasher safe, and UV resistant. Hydrascape features a variety of mountain ranges in their sticker collection, including Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier as well as other landscapes like islands, rivers (with the cutest little salmons), and hills at sunset.

Pair one of these landscape stickers with a Hydroflask, and you’ve got a sustainable, eco-friendly, practical gift that everyone can appreciate.

Mod Socksmod socks

Funky Socks

Maybe socks felt like a lame gift when you were a kid, but as adults, we know that it’s the exact opposite! Socks can be a fun gift, especially when they’re playful and colorful.

Based out of Bellingham, Mod Socks prides itself on creating socks that are cute but crazy. They’ve got basically every sock pattern you could possibly imagine, from Rosie the Riveter and fruit medley to sushi and beer.

Pair a few socks together that remind you of the person you’re gifting them to, or buy some particularly goofy ones for a white elephant exchange.

The Goat’s Coat

Handcrafted Upcycled Earringsthe goat's coast earrings

Handcrafted in Bellingham by artist Suzanne Lundberg, these fun and funky upcycled earrings are unique and eco-friendly.

Made with mostly found materials including wood, bone, wool, stone, leather, fur, copper, and silver, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The Very Best Local Gifts

Shopping local is always important, but in a year where click-to-ship is the easiest option, don’t forget the locals! Shop local and put your holiday budget back into your community with these local gift ideas.

Spacecraftspacecraft beanie


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a warm and cozy beanie as a holiday gift.

And even better, we’ve got a local brand that’s perfect for all genders. Spacecraft makes unisex beanies in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics.

Whether you want one that’s quilted, ribbed, folded over, with a pom or without, Spacecraft is a go-to if you’re on the hunt for something cozy-cool.

Marlene Van Beekmarlene van beek jewelry


These elegant and dainty handcrafted earrings are perfect for the person in your life who’s always looking for a simple, yet classy way to spruce up an outfit.

Crafted out of either glass or metal, these beauties are available in a wide variety of designs and styles.

Puffinpuffins koozies

Drink Koozies

You’ve probably used a koozie or two when you’ve been camping, hanging out by the river, or chilling out in the backyard. But these koozies are unlike anything you’ve used (or seen) before!

Puffin koozies not only keep drinks nice and chilly, but they’re super cute too. Each koozie looks like a little miniature jacket that keeps the cold in!

They’ve got a jacket, a life vest, an outdoor fishing vest, and even a flannel. They’re functional, but also serve as a fun conversation starter! Pair a few of these koozies with some local beer or cider and you’ve got a thoughtful, well-rounded gift worth cheersing to!

Gifts from USA-Made Brands

Or, consider these gift options that are made right here in the USA.

Wick’d Bean Candleswick'd bean candles

Soy & Essential Oil Candles

Another incredibly useful, yet thoughtful gift is a soy candle!

Beyond making essential oil-infused candles, Wick’d Bean also offers crystal intention candles that are infused with real crystals! Each is intended for a different purpose, whether it be balance, prosperity, calm, or love.

Or, maybe you’re looking for the perfect candle for the essential worker in your life. Consider their Hero candle that’s dedicated to those working the front lines.

Smartwoolsmartwool socks

Merino Wool Socks

If you like the idea of gifting socks this holiday season, but are looking for something a little less novel and a little more useful for activities like hiking, biking, or running, consider a pair of high-quality socks from Smartwool!

Available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and patterns, Smartwool socks are crafted out of high-quality merino wool that’s warm while still being breathable and naturally resisting odors.

You can even take their quiz online to find the right socks for your needs (or rather, the person on your list’s needs).

Aeropress Coffee Makeraeropress

Handheld Coffee Maker

We all know someone who’s coffee-obsessed! And if they’re always trying new ways of prepping their morning cup of joe, consider getting them an Aeropress coffee maker!

These handheld coffee makers are ideal for everyday use, or on the go, given that all you need to make coffee is hot water, the beans, and the coffee maker itself.

Along with being a no-brainer for coffee aficionados, an Aeropress is also an incredibly useful (and thoughtful) gift for those that are avid campers, hikers, or otherwise regularly making coffee on the go.

Gifts Just for Fun

Add some fun to staying home this winter! These last few favorites are must-have for time spent inside.

Embroidery Kitsembroidery kit

For the crafty person in your life, consider an embroidery kit from Holly Oddly or Budgiegoods!

These kits include everything you need to make your own embroidered art from scratch and come in a variety of styles and designs.

Natural Life Onesiesnatural life onesie

Want to give the gift of comfort? Or open presents in matching pajamas? How about a soft and cozy onesie?

These fun and colorful onesies from Natural Life are made of fleece and feature a simple front zipper and matching cuffs and neckband. They run a little large, so be sure to size down.

Feelgoodz Slippersfeelgoodz slippers

And, why not pair that onesie with some comfy house slippers?! Hello, #ootd.

You might be familiar with Feelgoodz as a sandal brand, but they make some warm and cozy slippers that are ideal for chilly winter nights!


And if there’s one no-brainer gift to give this holiday season, it’s a puzzle.

They’re fun for the whole family and are a great way to enjoy some quality time with loved ones during this time when we’re staying in.

By: Leigha

LeighaLeigha is the Marketing Assistant at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.