C•SQUARE & Third Street Cafe

Third Street Cafe is open for dine-in and takeout!

Third Street Cafe is now open for dine-in and takeout! You can order online here and grab your food to-go, or take it inside and enjoy it there. Menu items include juicy burgers, salads, fish & chips, our handmade pizzas, and beer and wine too!

Third Street Cafe Hours:
Wed – Thurs: 4pm-8pm
Fri – Sun: 12pm-8pm

Order an E-Gift card for Third Street Cafe here.

C•SQUARE is our  marketplace of specialty food shops and a farm-to-table restaurant, the Third Street Cafe. We opened our doors in September 2016 to welcome you to a world of food adventure. Stop in and experience real, local food.

C•SQUARE is located at 309 S. 3rd St, just a quick stroll through The Co-op’s parking lot.

Solar System Solar System!

Solar panels were installed in April 2016. The Co-op contracted Fire Mountain Solar (located here in Mount Vernon) to install an Itek system on the roof of C•SQUARE. Fire Mountain Solar estimates that 1 KW of solar will generate 910 KWH/year. Our system will generate approximately 16080 KWH of power a year, which is enough to power three residential homes for a year.

System Specs:
• 17.67 KW Itek Solar System (made in Washington)
• 62 Itek Energy 285 watt panels
• 1 Itek Solectria PVI 5200TL String Inverter
• 2 Itek Solectria PVI 6600TL String Inverter

Our estimated electric bill savings for the first year is $1,548. It estimated that the system will have paid for itself in ten years.