C•SQUARE & Third Street Cafe

C•SQUARE & Third Street Cafe are CLOSED.

It is with deep sadness that we announced the closure of Third Street Cafe at the end of January. The decision to close the restaurant was a difficult one, but we believe it to be the right one for the good of the Co-op. While we would love to pursue the vision of a Co-op restaurant, it is no longer sustainable to keep that portion of our business open. With COVID restrictions still in place and an unpredictable future, even a half full Third Street Cafe felt impractical both in economics and community.  Read more about our decision here.

The C-SQUARE bakery and production kitchens are still in operation, but are closed for retail sales. You can still find our baked goods, ice cream, coffee, and specialty meats in the Skagit Valley Food Co-op.

Have a Third Street Cafe gift card? We’re currently working on a way to transfer remaining balances, so you’re able to use your gift card in the Co-op. We will announce when the transfer has been made.

Solar System Solar System

Solar panels were installed in April 2016. The Co-op partnered with Fire Mountain Solar, located here in Mount Vernon, to install an Itek system on the roof of C•SQUARE. Fire Mountain Solar estimates that 1 KW of solar will generate 910 KWH/year, and that our system will generate approximately 16080 KWH of power a year, which is enough to power three residential homes for a year!

System Specs:
• 17.67 KW Itek Solar System (made in Washington)
• 62 Itek Energy 285 watt panels
• 1 Itek Solectria PVI 5200TL String Inverter
• 2 Itek Solectria PVI 6600TL String Inverter

Our estimated electric bill savings for one year is over $1,500! It’s estimated that the system will have paid for itself in ten years.