Mission & Bylaws

Yes, we are a Co-op. Here's what that means, in a nutshell: We are hyper-local and hyper-democratic, with values based on equality, equity, and solidarity. We are owned by 20,000 over households in the community. Every owner-member has equal share, and equal say, in how the Co-op is run.


Skagit Valley Food Co-op is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide good food at a low price.

As stated in the Co-op bylaws:

“The Co-op shall promote member welfare by utilizing their united effort for the purchase and distribution of commodities in accordance with the following criteria…”

  • Maintain the not-for-profit status of the Co-op
  • Offer high quality products that contribute to good nutrition
  • Support a low-impact, non-harmful approach to the environment
  • Support local suppliers and producers
  • A commitment to building a cooperative economy and supporting others who share that commitment
  • A commitment to educational programs relevant to members and non-members in the community


The Co-op’s Bylaws were most recently reviewed and updated in May 2021. Co-op owners voted to approve the Bylaw Updates proposed by the Board. Copies of the updated Bylaws are available to view below:
View PDF of bylaws

View PDF of Articles of Incorporation