Vision 2020

In 2012, the Co-op Board of Directors wrote the following Vision Statement, a collective view of what we believe our Co-op could become by the year 2020. The vision statement is meant as a guidepost and a goal to strive for. It is meant to inspire us, to enlarge our horizons as a business and our aspirations as a community of Co-op owner/members.

Firmly Anchored: Our Community & Our Values

The year is 2020 and with the support of its 20,000 member households, the Skagit Valley Food Co-op has grown into a strong, stable anchor at the north end of downtown Mount Vernon. The Co-op is Skagit County’s premier source for organic and local foods.  We have always believed in healthy, delicious food, supplied through the cooperative model, to nourish us and strengthen our community. Our support of local farms is intrinsic to our identity and helps ensure that locally grown food will continue to be available in the Skagit Valley for generations to come.

Although the Co-op is known throughout the Northwest as a destination grocery and deli, from Seattle to Vancouver BC, from the San Juan Islands to the Cascade Crest, we are much more than a great place for food. There is a wonderful tapestry here, our warm, friendly, community gathering place interwoven with our collective voice calling for a sustainable future… both locally and globally.

We take pride in knowing we serve as a gathering place, where our customers return often for inspiration, education, and a sense of community, as well as for good food. Our employees are proud of their knowledge of products and cheerfully foster friendly social interactions.

In the broader community, we are recognized and respected as a thriving educational resource for healthy lifestyle choices and as a voice for environmental, social, and economic sustainability. We are seen as a primary contributor to a vigorous local economy and a vibrant downtown culture. We are known as activists for change. We are strong because our membership shares our philosophy and mission: our dedication to healthy food, our support of local farmers and ecologically friendly agriculture, our suggestions for low impact shopping, our support of like-minded organizations, and our commitment to the cooperative economic model. Our business is a successful, working example of how the Cooperative Principles can build a robust economy, improve the well-being of owners, workers and our community, and by example, help to change the world.

The Co-op is in sound, stable financial condition, allowing it to give out patronage refunds for the tenth consecutive year and to continue to support programs like 4% Friday. We are making a difference—with over $20 million in annual sales that stays local, with our support of local farmers and sustainable agriculture, with educational programs that inform and inspire thousands of people each year, with contributions to help address local social needs, and with meaningful, quality employment for 200 members of the community.

To read the rest of the Co-op’s Vision 2020 statement, click the button below to view a pdf:
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