Apply to Become a Vendor

Interested in selling your product at the Co-op?

Do you already work with one of our distributor partners?

  1. Do not fill out the new vendor application.
  2. To introduce your product:
    1. Mail a sample to “Attn Category Manager, Skagit Valley Food Co-op, 202 S. First St, Mount Vernon, WA, 98273”.
    2. or, drop off samples in our Admin Office, Suite 301 in the Co-op Building.
    3. Be sure you include your contact and distributor information.
    4. As a courtesy to our customers and staff, please do not drop-in on buying managers or leave samples with staff on the retail floor.
    5. If we are interested in placing your product with our store, we will contact you.

If you do not have placement with one of the Co-op’s established distributors:

Download the New Vendor Application