Partners & Donations

Your Co-op is proud to serve the community by providing a full-service selection of natural and organic foods, as a meeting place for individuals and groups, and through our support of community organizations and charities. We partner with numerous local and regional organization that align with our mission, and work to bring life and vibrancy to our home in historic downtown Mount Vernon.

To keep yourself up-to-date on happenings in Mount Vernon, visit our partners, the Mount Vernon Downtown Business Association, and Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce.

Anchoring the south end of First Street is the historic Lincoln Theatre, which shows independent movies and hosts live touring acts and local talent.

We regularly partner with the following local organizations:

Community Support & Donations

We support the efforts of many local community groups and schools to raise funds and make celebrations through sponsorships, raffle gift bags, dessert donations, and store gift cards. You can now apply for a Co-op donation online. The form to do so is below.

The Skagit Valley Food Co-op is proud to support and make significant contributions to local community groups in a variety of ways, including our donation program. Although we would like to support every worthwhile cause, due to the overwhelming volume of submissions, it is not possible to fulfill every request. Our decisions are based on a group’s consistency with the Skagit Valley Food Co-op Mission Statement, the number of people who will benefit, as well as the funds available in our donation program’s budget at the time a request is received. Most donations will be provided in the form of gift cards or in-kind donations, but exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

We welcome your request, but we ask that you thoroughly review the guidelines below before making your submission. Donation requests must be made formally using the Donation Request Form. You can submit it at one of the front registers, attn: Outreach Department. You may also drop it off in person on the 3rd floor of the Co-op Building, room 301. Donation requests will only be reviewed once per week. We request that you please give us at least four weeks’ notice to consider, fulfill, and deliver donations. Requests made less than 4 weeks in advance of the event will not be considered.

Our current donation form is below. If you have questions about submitting a donation application, please email us at community(at)skagitfoodcoop(dot)com.