CO+OP Kitchen

The pages listed below, and the content and videos featured on them, were produced and published by the “cooperative of food cooperatives”, the National Cooperative Grocers Association, of which the Skagit Valley Food Co-op is a member.

  • Food & Lifestyle Features

    Enjoy articles and DIY tricks on a wide variety of topics, from lifestyle and entertaining, to eating for health and special diets.

  • Recipes

    Organized by season, special diet, lifestyle, and meal type — the options for easy meal-planning and preparation are nearly endless!

  • Co+op Kitchen Videos

    When it comes to cooking at home, choosing the right ingredients and understanding basic kitchen skills can make the difference between a good meal and an amazing one. In our new video series, Co+op Kitchen, you’ll find handy hints from chefs and food enthusiasts who love sharing their passion for great food, plus easy recipes for delicious homemade meals.

From learning about alternative sweeteners and how to grow your own sprouts to making a delicious Mixed Vegetable Indian Curry and cooking the perfect steak, you’ll want to see what’s cooking in the Co+op Kitchen!