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Co-op Brew Corner: Declare Glütiny

Brew fans looking to avoid or reduce gluten are finding more options for gluten-free and gluten-reduced beer. Whereas totally gluten-free beer is made from non-gluten-containing ingredients — such as sorghum, rice, or millet — gluten-reduced beer is made from the standard beer ingredients: malted barley, hops, water, and yeast.

Brewers of gluten-reduced beer add a special protein-based enzyme to break down the gluten into smaller fragments. The beer is then analyzed in the lab using the industry-supported R5 Competitive ELISA method. Officially, the Food & Drug Administration’s “gluten free” standard is less than 20 parts per million, but gluten testing of fermented products remains controversial.

ghostfishwatchThe Co-op carries a number of completely gluten-free beers, such as Ghostfish Brewing’s award-winning Grapefruit IPA, Watchstander Stout and Pale Ale; Lakefront Brewing’s New Grist Pilsener; Green’s Belgian-style Tripel Blonde, Dubbel and IPA; Ground Breaker Brewing’s Dark Ale, Pale Ale and IPA; and several gluten-removed brews.

Gluten-removed beers can achieve something special: beer with all of the barley malt-derived flavor without all the gluten. As of late, releases such as Stone Brewing’s Delicious India Pale Ale and Widmer Brewing’s Omission beers have dominated the market.

GlütinyNow there’s a newcomer to the scene: New Belgium Brewing has just released Glütiny Pale Ale. Its flavor profile that of a quality American-style pale ale, with swift bitterness that softens out with a biscuit-like malt and clean, crisp citrus hop flavor.

Glütiny Pale Ale (gluten-removed) from New Belgium Brewing of Fort Collins, CO/Asheville, NC – 6% alcohol by volume / 30 IBUs. This smooth-drinking gluten-reduced pale ale tastes just like a pale ale! Glütiny pours as a golden, delicate haze, with heavy tropical fruit aromas of mango, papaya, grapefruit, black currant, and pineapple. Dosed with exotic Equinox hops, its flavor is pleasantly crisp with a hint of herbal, green tea balanced by slight, earthy malts. Pair it with: smoked Tillamook cheddar, grilled salmon, or balance the heat of spicy Thai food. Glütiny is on sale for $8.99 per 6pk.

By: Claire

ClaireClaire Harlock Garber loves to eat and drink and write about it. She has worked in the food industry for nearly a decade and was on staff at the Skagit Valley Co-op from 2010-2018, writing the regular columns Skagit Brew Corner, The Cheese Whisperer, The Bounty of Bulk, and What's Dippin' in the Well for the Co-op's blog, as well as articles for the Natural Enquirer newsletter.