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Co-op Brew Corner: So It Gose

Pronounced like “goes” with an “uh” at the end, Gose sour ales are an ancient German beer style. Once almost extinct, this beer is brewed with lactobacillus, salt and coriander for a refreshingly crisp brew with lemon notes and a vibrant salinity. Gose is an unfiltered wheat beer, typically low in alcohol (usually 4%-5%) with a cloudy color and mild hop bitterness. These brews have a complimentary dryness and spice from added ground coriander seeds and sea salt.

Tart and lemon-y flavored, Gose is often crisp and mouthwatering. Pair it with seafood dishes, cheese (especially soft cheese like Brie, Camembert, fresh chèvre) or a berry cobbler. Similar to Berliner Weisse beers (try Aslan Brewing’s Organic Disco Lemonade), a Gose will sometimes have additional flavors to balance the added lactic acid. Recently Gose has seen a mini-revival with a handful of breweries bringing back the style. Look for some local offerings at the Co-op’s craft Beer & Cider Department:

Raspberry Gose

Kulshan Brewing of Bellingham, WA ~ 4% alcohol by volume ~ low bitterness

Local Artist! Like the can design? Support Skagit-based visual and tattoo artist Jessica Lynn Bonin – creator of the original artwork adorning Kulshan Raspberry Gose.

A refreshingly tart ale brewed with Himalayan Pink Salt, Coriander and Raspberries. Brightly rose colored, this sour ale pays homage to NW Washington’s unbeatable long summer days and the hardworking Raspberry farmers of Whatcom County. The brew’s slight tartness melds perfectly with notes of fresh raspberries creating a delicious and refreshing sweet-and-sour experience. Made with: Malted Wheat, Pilsner Malt, German Perle Hops and fresh Whatcom-grown raspberries. Kulshan is an Independent Family Owned Craft Brewery since 2012. Kulshan Raspberry Gose 6-pk 12 oz cans is $9.99 regularly, on sale now for $8.99 until July 31st.

Pair it with: Spiced Chicken Tacos ~ Kohlrabi Fritters & Avocado Crema ~ Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

Reubens Gose

Reubens Brews of Seattle, WA ~ 4.3% alcohol by volume ~ low bitterness

Winner of the 2015 & 2016 Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival, Reubens Gose is a fine example of the traditional German style. With modest acidity, this Gose combines clean-tasting light malts with herbal, lemony sour notes.  Delicate and well carbonated, this sessionable sour is a classic standout. Reubens Gose is available for $8.49 per 4-pk, 12 oz cans.

Pair it with: Aged Gouda Grilled Cheese ~ Scallop Mango Ceviche ~ Cherry Pie

By: Claire

ClaireClaire Harlock Garber loves to eat and drink and write about it. She has worked in the food industry for nearly a decade and was on staff at the Skagit Valley Co-op from 2010-2018, writing the regular columns Skagit Brew Corner, The Cheese Whisperer, The Bounty of Bulk, and What's Dippin' in the Well for the Co-op's blog, as well as articles for the Natural Enquirer newsletter.