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Skagit Brew Corner: Let the Witch Hunt Begin

witchhuntCelebrate the autumn harvest with Bridgeport’s Seasonal Witch Hunt Spiced Harvest Ale. Fortunately no witches were harmed in the making of this beer. Hints of lively cinnamon and nutmeg punctuate this moderately hoppy ale from Portland’s own micro brewing pioneers.

Bridgeport is a craft brewery that makes outstanding Pacific Northwest style beers from the ground up, starting with their water source: a Mt. Hood watershed reservoir called Bull Run. Since 1984 the brewers at Bridgeport have offered up some memorable staples, also available in the Co-op’s beer aisle, including Hop Czar and classic India Pale Ale. The company also claims to be Oregon’s oldest craft brewery.

Witch Hunt is similar to a traditional American Amber Ale, with toasted malts to give it a pleasing copper color and a balance of aroma and bitter hops for a refreshing bittersweet flavor. This beer also benefits from the addition of festive spices and vanilla to make it a fitting brew to sip on cool, crisp fall evenings. Witch Hunt yields the tangy sweetness of caramel apples and beckons the drinker to surrender to raise a glass to the delights of the season!

Witch Hunt – Bridgeport Brewing, Portland, OR. 40 IBU / 5.8% Alcohol by Volume

By: Claire

ClaireClaire Harlock Garber loves to eat and drink and write about it. She has worked in the food industry for nearly a decade and was on staff at the Skagit Valley Co-op from 2010-2018, writing the regular columns Skagit Brew Corner, The Cheese Whisperer, The Bounty of Bulk, and What's Dippin' in the Well for the Co-op's blog, as well as articles for the Natural Enquirer newsletter.