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Skagit Brew Corner: Liquid Choklat

Our most recent addition to the Co-op’s beer section was discovered by a panel of tasters at a recent beer show. After sampling many brews from many places, we all agreed we had to pick up this standout East Coast stout: Blackwater Choklat Stout. Our first case sold out after just a few days, so stop by now to get your hands on a bottle of this drinkable bliss.

What I Drank: Blackwater Choklat Stout from Southern Tier Brewing, Lakewood, NY   11.0 ABV / 90 IBU

What I Ate: Skagit Co-op hand-made ice cream: Cookies n’ Cream, made with Original Newman O’s: an organic cream-filled sandwich style cookies.

What I Thought: Bottled brownies with a kick! Inspired by the Mayan sacred book the Popul Vuh, Blackwater Choklat Stout distills the essence of “xocoatl”, a cocoa-based beverage reserved for kings and gods. Brewed with Belgian bittersweet chocolate, chocolate and caramel malts, this stout coats the mouth with silky flavors of candied  cherry and roasted cocoa nibs. This Imperial Chocolate Stout embodies a bittersweet candy bar – primed for dessert. Add Kahlua for decadence!

By: Co-op Staff

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