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CV, the wine guy

FRESH DEAL: Calvino Jones

Calvino Jones Cabernet Sauvignon 
Producer: Quincy Steele, Calvino Jones
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Red Hills, Lake County, California
Price: $10.99

This wine is deeply rooted in the hills of Lake County California, just north of Napa Valley. The volcanic soils of these rolling hills provides a mineral quality, producing a full-bodied wine. Sourced from several vineyards, using blending practices fine tuned by over 60 years of Steele family wine-making experience. Quincy, son of pioneering wine maker Jed Steele, has utilized relationships with wine growers to produce a wine as big, smooth, and bold as anything you will find in Napa at a fraction of the price.  Normally this wine is priced at $19.99; we are excited to have acquired 21 cases to share here with the Skagit Valley for just $10.99.

Lake County is an AVA in California’s larger North Coast AVA, just north of Napa and Sonoma counties and to the east of Mendocino County. Clear Lake, California’s largest body of fresh water, sits within the county and the rugged, volcanic topography surrounding it begets elegant red wines, of which Cabernet Sauvignon is the star performer.

By: CV, The Wine Guy

CV, The Wine GuyCV is our resident wine guy and our newest cheese specialist. And he’s here to give you generous, succinct, friendly advice on wines (and cheese). CV is quick to say that he’s not a wine “expert” — he’s not the person to go to for fancy terminology — but he does know wine, and approaches it with robust energy and a desire to match wine with people, food, and experiences.