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Organic Wines from Argentina

Domaine Bousquet (Organic!) 
Featured Wines: Malbec, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Tupungato, northernmost sub-region of the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina
Price: $9.99 each

The Bousquet family, who hail from the southern French city of Carcassonne, have a long history and prestigious wine making tradition. In the constant struggle to produce superior quality wines, the Bousquet family searched high and low to find the best place to continue their decades-long winemaking traditions. In 1990, the family arrived in Mendoza, Argentina, and traveled to the Tupungato region. From the soil, to the high elevation, to the terroir, the family knew that they had found their ideal location. In 1997, they moved from France to the foot of the Andes mountains. Bousquet’s 110 hectares are located at an altitude of 4,000 feet, making it one of the higher altitude vineyards in the world. These three bottles are the entry-level, budget-friendly wines. But, don’t let the price fool you: they are delicious, and organic! We Co-op’ers do love organic wine, of course. The challenge is to find an organic wine that also tastes great. For $10 a bottle, new world, and organic, we say that the Bousquet family succeeded: they do indeed make superior quality wines from their optimum location.

This wine is aged in oak for just six months before its release. The short storage allows the fruit to speak for itself: vanilla and spice from the oak, but also the black plum, blackberry, and dark cherry that Malbec is famous for. And black pepper, a lot of black pepper. Serve a glass with a big plate of pasta, red meats, or dark chocolate.

Thanks to the vineyard’s high elevation, these Chardonnay grapes have a tremendous amount of clarity, and a slight crisp, citrus addition that you don’t often find with Chardonnay. Smooth flavors of apple and pear round out the flavor.

Cabernet Sauvignon 
Rich, organically produced Cabernet Sauvignon’s are hard to come by. Domaine Bousquet’s delivers with a full-bodied experience and profile that is true to the grape. Expect plush flavors of dark fruits, blackberry, currant, and black cherries with silky smooth tannins.

** While it can be tricky to find high quality, delicious, organic wines, we’ve lucked out to find a good variety of both red and white organic (and/or biodynamic) wines. There are three shelves of organic wine just below the Champagne/sparkling wine. 





By: CV, The Wine Guy

CV, The Wine GuyCV is our resident wine guy and our newest cheese specialist. And he’s here to give you generous, succinct, friendly advice on wines (and cheese). CV is quick to say that he’s not a wine “expert” — he’s not the person to go to for fancy terminology — but he does know wine, and approaches it with robust energy and a desire to match wine with people, food, and experiences.