Canadian Mustard: Kozlik's Fiesty Spreads

Anton Kozlik was a mustard nut. In 1948 he founded Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard Company and passed on his craft to his son Jeremy. Today the company makes over 30 flavored mustards in Toronto, Ontario. Nationwide Canada produces 90% of the mustard seed for the international market.

There’s something magical about mustard. The way its zesty heat rises quickly to the nose and opens all your senses and enhances the flavors of savory foods like cheese, vegetables and meat. Mustard is thought to have originated across Asia and Europe, and this vinegar-laced condiment has many variations. And we crave it.

Prepared mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant, which are usually ground up and mixed with vinegar, water and spices. Mustard is a member of the Brassica family and some varieties of the plant have a high oil content which is currently being researched for its bio-diesel potential.

For mustard fans everywhere, taste Kozlik’s authentic, gluten free mustards. Enjoy them paired with cheese or the Co-op’s Own Handmade Fresh Sausage. Look for these potent condiments on top of the Meat Department’s beef and sausage case. Ask for a sample from a friendly staff member!

By: Rachael

Rachael joined the Co-op in August 2013. She is the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach. (She also manages the website.) Rachael's Co-op favorites include: grind-your-own almond butter, Tofu Cashew Spread, dried figs, Blue Fortune Farm's Black Garlic (it's like the balsamic vinegar jelly bean you've been missing all your life!), and Tuesday's Sandwich of the Day (Roasted Beet & Chevre).