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Stay connected to the community and the Co-op through our newsletters: The Natural Enquirer, our quarterly paper, and The Co-op Scoop, our weekly e-news.

The Natural Enquirer


Delivered, free of charge, to all active member-owners. It is written by Co-op staff, and features local and store news, product information; features on farmers, suppliers, and producers; announcements; and the upcoming workshop calendar. Additional copies of the newsletter are available at the front registers. Please help yourself!

The Natural Enquirer is edited by Nicole Vander Meulen. If you are interested in advertising, would like to submit a letter to the editor, or have additional questions, you can email her: nicole (at) skagitfoodcoop (dot) com or call (360) 336-5087, ext. 136. Our upcoming submission deadlines are as follows:

  • October 2021 – August 20, 2021

Advertising rates can be found here.

The next Natural Enquirer will be published at the beginning of October 2021.

View Past Issues of the Natural Enquirer:

The Co-op Scoop


Get the Scoop! Our weekly e-newsletter is delivered fresh to your inbox every Wednesday. It includes FRESH DEALS flyer, organic Produce sales, and other Co+op Deals. It also features cheese, wine, beer & cider, the bulk department, recipes, and upcoming events.

The Co-op Scoop is edited by our Marketing & Outreach Director, Nicole Vander Meulen. She may be contacted at community(at)skagitfoodcoop(dot)com.