The Co-op hosts an extensive selection of wellness and holistic living workshops, most at no cost. We also host a number of in-store & local events throughout the year. Workshops and classes are held on the 3rd floor of the Co-op Building, in room 309. Descriptions for upcoming workshops are listed below. Please pre-register for classes (recommended & appreciated!) below or by giving us a call at (360) 336-5087 extension 136.

Upcoming Workshops

Essential Remedies: Summer Skincare and First Aid with Essential Oils with Michelle Mahler

Tuesday, August 20, 6:30 PM

Learn how to safely and effectively use diluted Essential oils for cuts and scrapes, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles & scars, nerve problems, sore muscles & joints, hydrating skin and hair, sunscreen, sunburns, bugbites & repellent and much more! We will discuss the healing effects of many amazing ingredients available in the Coop and how to put them together for your best healing blend.


The First Year: Conquer Constipation, Reflux, & Colic Naturally! with Dr. Cheryl

Wednesday, September 4, 6:30 PM

Colic, constipation, and reflux seem to be increasing for babies, and parents struggle finding natural relief. Learn some reasons why your child may be experiencing symptoms and tips for restoring optimum health.


Cannabis & You with Michael Scott

Thursday, September 5, 6:30 PM

Learn about the endocannabinoid system and its relationship with cannabis, and why cannabis is so important to your health. You’ll explore the removal of cannabis and hemp from our lives predominately in the 1930’s, how cannabis has helped so many with life threatening diseases and what the current researchers, scientists, and doctors have discovered. Learn how adding this plant medicine into your life could change you live profoundly.


Transforming Adverse Conditions into Spiritual Growth with Kadampa Meditation

Monday, September 9, 6:30 PM

Adverse conditions abound. Without trying, we constantly encounter obstacles and difficulties. Things do not go as we wish and we are often disappointed. We encounter minor frustrations and, sometimes, gut wrenching loss. Depending on how we interpret events, these can be painful experiences without much meaning or they can be opportunity for spiritual growth with immense meaning.


Experience Abundance with ThetaHealing® with Valerie Rose

Tuesday, September 10, 6:30 PM

Where would you like to experience abundance in your life? In your relationships? Physical, mental, emotional health? Financial flow? Creativity? Unconscious beliefs and past experiences can hold you back from enjoying your birthright of abundance. We’ll have fun using the transformational energy of ThetaHealing® to explore and release limiting beliefs, replacing them with your vision and experience of an abundant life.


Understanding Hypothyroidism with Dr. Alethea Fleming, ND

Wednesday, September 11, 6:30 PM

Join local naturopathic physician Dr. Alethea Fleming for an informative, interesting, and good-humored look at what it means to have low thyroid function, how to best assess it, and understanding treatment options.


Neurological Integration System Therapy with Jean Christensen, LMT

Thursday, September 12, 6:30 PM

Neurological Integration Systems, (NIS) is a system of health care that uses the brain to optimize the function and repair of the body. The body is constantly receiving information from all systems, e.g. the organs, glands, muscles and joints and this information is monitored by the brain. From time to time these circuits can breakdown, a bit like fuses in your house, due to physical, emotional, pathological or neurological stress. This leads to pain and discomfort or disease. NIS uses a set of treatment protocols to evaluate the neurological circuitry and reset the neurological function of the body. You are invited to come and learn what NIS has to offer for your health.


Planning Ahead for Natural Burial with Jodie Buller

Monday, September 16, 6:30 PM

Green burial is a beautiful, meaningful way to return to the earth when you die, and it can be quite simple, but a little planning in advance goes a long ways toward making it easier for your friends and family when it comes time to lay you to rest. This presentation on Green Burial offers pre-planning ideas and demystifies natural burial practices with practical step-by-step instructions and guidance.


Essential Remedies: Pain Relief and Immunity with Michelle Mahler

Tuesday, September 17, 6:30 PM

Have you been wondering how to choose, purchase, store and blend quality essential oils? Come learn simple and safe application methods of plant medicine with essential oils to boost immunity naturally. You’ll discuss and take home notes for safe topical application on children, during pregnancy, and more!