The Co-op hosts an extensive selection of wellness and holistic living workshops, most at no cost. We also host a number of in-store & local events throughout the year. Workshops and classes are held on the 3rd floor of the Co-op Building, in room 309. Descriptions for upcoming workshops are listed below. Please pre-register for classes (recommended & appreciated!) below or by giving us a call at (360) 336-5087 extension 136.

Upcoming Workshops

The Buddhist Practice of Giving with Kadampa Meditation

Monday, December 17, 6:30 PM

Buddha taught that it is the idea, not the gift that counts. The Buddhist practice of giving is a virtuous determination to give. Naturally, from such an intention, when we have the opportunity we will give. By contrast, giving without a good intention is not the Buddhist practice of giving. This workshop will explain the Buddhist practice of giving and we will meditate on giving with good intention.


Neurological Integration System Therapy with Jean Christensen, LMT

Monday, January 7, 6:30 PM

Neurological Integration Systems, (NIS) is a system of health care that uses the brain to optimize the function and repair of the body. The body is constantly receiving information from all systems, e.g. the organs, glands, muscles and joints and this information is monitored by the brain. From time to time these circuits can breakdown, a bit like fuses in your house, due to physical, emotional, pathological or neurological stress. This leads to pain and discomfort or disease. NIS uses a set of treatment protocols to evaluate the neurological circuitry and reset the neurological function of the body. You are invited to come and learn what NIS has to offer for your health.


Community Building Through Foster Care with Youthnet

Tuesday, January 8, 6:30 PM

Interested in investing in your community by becoming a foster parent? Meet Youthnet foster care staff for a presentation and Q&A. Attendees will learn about Skagit’s current foster care issues, how kids and teens enter foster care, and what it looks like to be a part-time or full-time foster parent.


New Year, New Healing, With Reiki Energy with Valerie Rose, Reiki Master

Wednesday, January 9, 6:30 PM

Start your new year with the joyful power of Reiki (pronounced RAY-key). With roots in Japan, Reiki is a healing process that is practiced worldwide. Reiki is spiritually guided life energy, creating deep relaxation in your body, mind and spirit.


How To Beat Inflammation with Dr. Alethea Fleming

Thursday, January 10, 6:30 PM

Join local naturopathic physician Dr. Alethea Fleming for an amusing and informative look into what it really means to have an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Focus will be on practical simple steps that have a big impact.