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Connect with the Co-op: 2021 Board Election Results

Thanks to all our member-owners who voted in the 2021 Board Election and to those who attended our Annual Membership Meeting via Zoom on May 12. We are happy to welcome back incumbent candidates Tom Theisen and Brad Claypool. We’d also like to extend gratitude to all the candidates who ran this year; your support of and interest in the Co-op is much appreciated!

The membership also voted to approve changes to the Skagit Valley Food Co-op Bylaws. The updated Bylaws can be found here, and the Zoom recording of the meeting can be accessed here.

2021 Skagit Valley Food Co-op Board Members:

  • Tom Theisen, President
  • Brad Claypool
  • Rob Smith
  • Kristen Ekstran
  • Casey Schoenberger
  • Britta Eschete
  • Wayne Rushing, Voting Staff Representative
  • Tim Penninger, Non-Voting Staff Representative
By: Co-op Staff

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