Stop by and discover why we think our bakery is the best in the Valley. We have something for everyone -- from gluten-free to vegan to sugar-free. And, it’s all delicious! We also offer seasonal bakery items featuring fresh berries, stone fruit, and tree fruit.

Our bakery makes dozens of goodies from scratch everyday, including cookies, pastries, cakes, puddings, rolls, and pies. We use only organic wheat flours and oats. Visit our Bakery case for a rotating selection of fresh cookies, muffins, pastries, and scones.

“Baking to me is love made visible. Don’t be stressed; it’s desserts backwards. I love the balance between the art and science of baking. For me the art is making something beautiful and delicious. But the science is being able to do it again and again.” Co-op Baker, J(eremiah)

We also have the best doughnut muffin (it’s made without gluten!) on Earth.

It's as good as it looks!