Our cheese department is a destination point for cheese lovers in Skagit Valley. We feature a broad selection of farmstead cheeses alongside local and European specialties. Discover a wide-range of goat and sheep cheeses from local producers and international standards.

You’ll also find grass-fed, organic, and non-dairy cheese options. We offer an array of bulk cheeses, as well as shredded and slices. From authentic Italian Parmesan Reggiano to local Gouda, we’ve got what it takes to satisfy your cheese needs.

And, we’ve got The Cheese Whisperer. “Claire, what kind of cheese should I get today?” is a question frequently asked at the Co-op’s Cheese Island. She is our resident cheese whisperer, and let me tell you: the woman knows cheese. She pairs sweet, pungent, salty, squeaky cheeses with food, beer & wine, weather, and people.

Every other week or so, Claire gives us a glimmer of insight into her world of expertise through her blog, The Cheese Whisperer. Let the cheese devouring begin!

Looking for Local?

Find cheese from Pacific Northwest artisans: