The Co-op carries an exceptional selection of quality products for the organic gardener. Each season (February-September), our Garden Center sources a wide variety of organic and heirloom seeds and plants from local farmers.

We carry an extensive array of sustainably sourced, locally grown vegetables, herbs, and flowers, all selected to do well in our Northwest climate. You’ll find strawberry starts, lettuce mixes, root vegetable starts, seed garlic, and much more! We also offer organic potting soils, fertilizers, and root starters to help ensure healthy plant development.

Starting in February, and going well into the summer, we carry hundreds of seed varieties and plant starts. Sunseed Farm (Acme, WA) supplies us with the most extensive selection of organic plant starts in the area. Check out Sunseed Farm’s Starts Calendar (.PDF). The Starts Calendar is a projected calendar of when starts will be available in the Garden Center. It is also color-coded according to Sunseed’s start planting recommendations. Remember, this calendar shows recommendations for planting starts, not seeds. Nothing in nature is exact, of course, this just gives us an idea of when to expect certain plant starts.

Fresh cut flower bouquets and potted indoor plants are available year-round. We also stock an assortment of gardening accessories in our 2nd floor Mercantile Mezzanine, including soil supplements, outdoor tools, root starter, books, and gloves.

Learn more about our locally based Garden Center partners: