Our produce department was the first to be Certified Organic in Skagit County! We offer our community an incredible selection of fresh, best-tasting, seasonal and sustainably grown organic harvest.

The Skagit Valley Food Co-op has nearly 200 fresh, organic products in stock every day, including a huge variety of organic staple items like GROW-certified bananas, lettuce, locally-grown apples, and potatoes, as well as a wonderful selection of seasonal, specialty items, such as wild harvested nettles and mushrooms, organic burdock root, organic heirloom tomatoes, and fresh herbs grown in the Skagit Valley. From avocados to zucchinis, we’ve got delicious and nutritious foods to invite robust seasonality to your table. Tasting is believing — stop in and ask our friendly produce staff for a fresh fruit or veggie sample!

Check out our Organic Produce Report HERE for the best deals on local and organic produce!

As a community-owned food co-op, we support a local economy and food system. We work hand-in-hand with over two dozen local and regional farmers to supply the Co-op with fresh, seasonal, local produce that is both certified organic and sustainably produced. Skagit Valley farmland has some of the best soil in the world, and with such exceptional growing conditions, why would you want to eat produce grown anywhere else?

Our Local Farms

Blue Heron Farm & Nursery – Rockport, WA

Boldly Grown Farm – Burlington, WA

Bow Hill Blueberries – Bow, WA

Brownfield Orchard – Wenatchee, WA

Cascadia Mushrooms – Bellingham, WA

Cedardale Orchards – Mount Vernon, WA

Dahlia Depot Farms – Sedro-Woolley, WA

Happy Valley Sprouts – Bellingham, WA

Harmony Fields – Bow, WA

Hedlin Family Farm – La Conner, WA

Highwater Farm – Mount Vernon, WA

Living Rain Farm – Mount Vernon, WA

Moondance Farm – Acme, WA

Ralph’s Greenhouse – Mount Vernon, WA

Skagit Flats – Mount Vernon, WA

Southern Exposure Family Farm – Sedro-Woolley, WA

Viva Farms – Burlington, WA

Well Fed Farms – Bow, WA