At the Co-op, we believe food should be nourishing, but we also recognize food as one of life’s pleasures…taste, aroma, and texture. Combining flavors to make new ones is part of the joy of cooking. Pairing the right wine with your meal is part of the joy of eating.

Your Co-op has an exquisite and unique wine department with selections from around the world, prices to fit every budget, and a flavor for every palate. Look for local wineries in our Northwest and Dessert sections, fine French Burgundies in our European section, and spicy reds from Argentina in our Southern Hemisphere section. We carry biodynamic and organic wines as well!

If you’ve spent any time in the wine aisle, you’ve probably bumped into CV. CV is our resident wine guy and he’s here to give you generous, succinct, friendly advice on wines (and cheese). CV is quick to say that he’s not a wine “expert” — he’s not the person to go to for fancy terminology — but he does know wine, and approaches it with robust energy and a desire to match wine with people, food, and experiences. You can chat with him in the store or see his wine recommendations on C.V. the Wine Guy’s Blog.

We offer a 10% discount when you buy 12 or more bottles of wine. Feel free to mix and match!

You can also take a quick stroll through our parking lot to discover even more hand-selected wine at our restaurant, the Third Street Cafe. Third Street Cafe boasts one of Skagit Valley’s most unique collections of bottled wines and wines by the glass. Our state-of-the-art WineStations preserve wine for a perfect pour, fresh on the palate every time. See Third Street Cafe’s Wine list here.