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Cheese Whisperer: Rimrocker from Tumalo Farms

The tastiest new cheese at the Co-op’s Cheese Island is: Rimrocker from Tumalo Farms in Bend, Oregon. Winner of the Silver Medal in the 2011 American Cheese Society tasting competition, Rimrocker is made from pasteurized organic cow’s milk and farmstead goat’s milk. Cave aged for 3-6 months, this cheese is a delightful surprise: it’s buttery smooth with sweet, sharp, grassy flavors.

Rimrocker, named for the rocky cliffs that surround Tumalo Farms in northern Oregon, is truly a cheese inspired by the terroir (unique qualities of geography, soil and temperature that translate to flavors). As many cheese lovers know, high quality, local artisan goat milk cheeses are often expensive, but due to a special Co-op deal, we now offer Rimrocker at the low price of $12.99/lb!

Add Rimrocker to green salads with apples, melt over veggies and soup or serve straight up with a good brew by its side. Try pairing Rimrocker with Lost Coast’s Censored Copper Ale – it’s got just the right amount of hoppy bit to compliment Rimrocker’s fruity, slightly nutty flavors. Stop by Cheese Island to take home your very own slice of cheese heaven…

By: Co-op Staff

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