Hedlin's Farm Tour

The Hedlin Family Farmstand, with zinnias galore (you can choose the “flower addendum” for their CSA share, which comes with a bouquet  a week!)




Amaranth and sunflowers!

Cabbage seed starts and the high tunnels where salad greens start, and  tomatoes, carrots, and peppers finish the harvest.

Kai Ottesen, talking us through the greenhouse tomatoes –

Bumblebees and ladybugs help keep the plants pest-free, cedar chips keep the ground dry, forced air and double plastic keep it warm and dry, and there’s some great physics help keep it cool (but don’t ask me to re-explain it to ye…)

Blueberry browsing, and the farm tour returns to the farmstand…

Thanks to Kai and the Hedlin family, for taking us along on their journey! We brought a video camera with us, and we’ll get a little video of our field trip posted soon…

By: Rachael

Rachael joined the Co-op in August 2013. She is the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach. (She also manages the website.) Rachael's Co-op favorites include: grind-your-own almond butter, Tofu Cashew Spread, dried figs, Blue Fortune Farm's Black Garlic (it's like the balsamic vinegar jelly bean you've been missing all your life!), and Tuesday's Sandwich of the Day (Roasted Beet & Chevre).