Champion Co-operators

Co-opster Profile: Pete

In honor of the UN’s International year of Cooperatives, we’d like to introduce you further to some of the people who help make this Co-op such a special place.

We took a few minutes to ask Pete some questions about himself and life at the Co-op…
1. How long have you been working at the co-op? Where did you start and what departments have you worked in? What were you doing before you came to work here?
I’ve been here for eight years, in the Grocery Dept. Before this I was teaching music to K-8th graders.

2. What do you do at the Co-op?
Merchandizing – I set up and maintain displays and help re-stock the store. I do a fair amount of product ordering, and of course, customer service. I’m down on the floor a lot.

3. What are your favorite parts of this job?
The people – staff and member-owners. I’m not a morning person but it’s fun to come to work each morning because the people are energizing and primarily positive.

4. What do you do when you’re not at the Co-op?
I have another job – I’m the accompanist at First Lutheran Church, and I play piano for three services and choir.

5. Which Co-op principles/values do you most strongly identify with?
Eating for health and supporting people who produce our food.

6. What, in your opinion, makes co-ops (and this co-op) special?
The involvement of member-owners and staff in finding better ways of eating and supporting our environment.

By: Rachael

Rachael joined the Co-op in August 2013. She is the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach. (She also manages the website.) Rachael's Co-op favorites include: grind-your-own almond butter, Tofu Cashew Spread, dried figs, Blue Fortune Farm's Black Garlic (it's like the balsamic vinegar jelly bean you've been missing all your life!), and Tuesday's Sandwich of the Day (Roasted Beet & Chevre).