Dark Chocolate with Bee Pollen

P1150835Unusual? Certainly. Delicious? Oh yes!!

Rich, satisfying dark chocolate with crunchy nuggets of bee pollen. Made with 65% cacao, honey, organic vanilla, this bittersweet bar has a satisfying snap and creamy mouth feel. The bee pollen nuggets add crunchy texture and health-boosting properties!

Hammond’s donates 5% of the sales from this bar to bee sustainability efforts around the world. We’ve got it for a very limited time. Pick one up for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day!

By: Jenny

JennyJenny is the Co-op's Category Manager, helping guide our selection of products to meet the evolving needs of our membership and community of food lovers. Jenny and her family maintain a small farm and love to spend time riding bikes, hiking, and of course, preparing and savoring delicious meals!