Plants, Mostly: Contemplating 2013

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As tempting as the following link may be as a method of grappling with habit changes:  A New Strategy for Res0lutions

I’m going to go straightforwardly well-intentioned back to a more Plant Based Diet focus for the new year.  After the season of meat,  cheese and bread,  comes the season of green leafy veggies!

My collaborator Jill and I spent the month of May in a blog experiment on Paleo and Plant Based Diets,  (you can find these archived posts on our website by searching Plants, Mostly or Paleo) and we’re going to reprise this for the new year.  So come along with us as you like – look for our weekly series (mostly on Thursdays: Plants, Mostly and Practicing Paleo) to stay tuned into unusual recipes,  reflective musings,  and new ideas about using food as your medicine.

As I began to write this,  I was munching on one of our Deli’s delicious Breakfast Sandwiches – cheese and meat and bread again – and I said a little “goodbye for now” as I finished my last few bites.  I love these! Not all love is meant to last. I’m going to spend time with foods that treat me right… As I contemplate my breakfast options for January, here are some of my frames and guidelines.

Chocolate and I have been having a rocky relationship lately. I come from chocoholic stock, and after the holiday sugar fest,  I’m burned out on the jaggedy buzz and crash.  Coffee and I will also try to hang out less,  although in the grey area here by the Salish Sea, One needs all the morning friends One can find.

Dairy free, baby! I was enjoying a dairy scarce existence throughout much of the summer and early fall, but with the cold and dark comes the resurgence of my love of cheese.  Cozy comfort time. Well and good to snuggle with cheese for a while,  but it’s time to get off the couch and get cracking on the vegetables.

More raw food, more warm beverages.  Part of the allure of the cheesywheat diet is the cozy factor, often accompanied by a glass of wine,  or cold water.  I’m going to switch it up and drink many varieties of tea,  Barleans’ Greens hot chocolate,  Solis Nutritional Blends Concentrated Superfood,  good old hot water with lemon,  and whiskey toddies too.

Good oils.  If you are following the Plant Based Diet espoused in the movie Forks Over Knives, then oils are out. I plan to cut out processed oils and processed foods of most kinds,  but I’m going to keep enjoying the delicious Aptera Greek olive oil (green! beautiful…) and coconut oil. I also plan to indulge my love of avocados.  I do not plan to fry. I plan to enjoy, but sparingly.

Sunday Soup. The quieter time of year is perfect to embrace the Sunday Soup tradition and learn the ways of Veggie Stock. Also the Sunday Salad, (which isn’t As Much fun as when you’ve just come from the farmers market and need to sort and prep your various veggies, but still fun) which can be the perfect nibbly food to munch on instead of chips and dip.

Add In Allies. Raw garlic, raw ginger, pumpkin seeds, dried currants, any little thing that I’m excited about and contribute to building anticipation for a meal. Hemp Seeds are my allies of the season,  they provide the contributing force of texture,  nutty flavor,  and food medicine.

Speaking of Food as Medicine – here’s a hot tip on Turmeric Root, which looks like bright orange ginger root, and can be used topically for its antifungal and antibiotic properties. A turmeric paste is good for burns and reducing the buildup of scar tissue, while a slice of raw turmeric applied directly and fixed in place with a bandaid for three days, will make plantar warts go away…


By: Rachael

Rachael joined the Co-op in August 2013. She is the Director of Marketing and Community Outreach. (She also manages the website.) Rachael's Co-op favorites include: grind-your-own almond butter, Tofu Cashew Spread, dried figs, Blue Fortune Farm's Black Garlic (it's like the balsamic vinegar jelly bean you've been missing all your life!), and Tuesday's Sandwich of the Day (Roasted Beet & Chevre).